Topic: Synth-ing 3D Stereo Digital Photos

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JamCanSing (Over 1 year ago)
I haven't tried but I was thinking it would be kinda neat to Synth stereograph photos. Building a dSLR rig is pretty simple these days and with the proliferation of '3D stereo' viewing glasses and LCD TV/Monitors coming it would be cool. Would the Point Cloud engine get confused seeing the similar points simply off-set?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
The synther and point cloud will definitely be happier being given the stereo pairs as separate images rather than side by side composite images. 

It assumes that each image file is a single cohesive view of the world, rather than some sort of mosaic.

As long as you take small steps between stereo pairs, though, circling something, the reconstruction should be accurate enough to understand that the pairs side by side, although due to the photos being projected onto the pointcloud's surface means that the input photos would overlap each other when using today's Photosynth viewers.

It is not out of the question, though, to think that as we move into the era of 3D BluRays, 3D movies, 3D TV Shows, and 3D computer games, that Photosynth would follow suit and pick out good candidates for stereo pairs and offer a stereographic viewing mode - not limited to only stereo pairs of photos but also the entire pointcloud|model.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
As a relative newbie in current stereography I'm wondering why LCD monitors are of particular significance to 3D viewing (as opposed to plasma monitors or DLP projectors [not rear projection monitors, mind you, - yuck]). 

Would you mind pointing me to some good reading or just explaining it yourself? Thanks.