Topic: Henri Astre's latest Chrome extension adds new features to

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NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Some of you may remember Henri Astre from his work on Photosynth Toolkit or his early days attempts at a WebGL viewer for original photosynths. 
Nowadays, he works on the Photosynth 2 viewer.

Earlier today, he released a new Chrome extension which adds some fun new experimental toys to the main site (such as viewing any user's uploads on a world map) and also gives you a peek at a future version of the Photosynth 2 viewer on the 'Explore most recent PS2' and 'Explore most viewed PS2' pages. (Click on 'Search' at the top of the site after installing his new extension.)

Here's his web log entry telling you about the new features:
And here's an easy to remember link to nab the extension: