Topic: Adding to existing Synths?

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DeviceDevDan (Over 1 year ago)
Is there a way to add your photos to an existing geographical area? For example, I just made a synth of the Temple of Zeus in Athens and I'm sure some of these already exist. Can mine be added to make it better?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
There are several ways to go about joining photos of the same location together.

The Photosynth team has plans to have neighbouring or overlapping synths be linked to each other in the future, allowing you to see them as one continuous environment, however no timeframe has been announced as to when we can expect this to happen. It is worth noting, however, that Bing Maps (whose division Photosynth is part of) has begun to really be active now, announcing automatic synthing of copyright-free geotagged flickr photos into Bing Maps Streetside several daays ago, and coming soon, Worldwide Telescope integration and live video tracking against the Streetside imagery as well. Hopefully synth linking isn't far behind.

For more on synth linking, see:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
One last thought on synth linking: geo-align your synths to the map in the site's synth editor.

If you just can't wait for synth linking to see your synth combined with its peers, you could always try to contact other users who have uploaded synths of the same location and ask them if they would be willing to email their photos to you so that you could make a new synth with everyone's photos in it (or if they were as interested as you, you could decide between you who has the strongest computer and whoever that is can take responsibility to make the new synth if between you you have over a thousand photos). 

In the case of a multi-person synth, it becomes important (it would be important to me, anyway) to tag each person's photos with their name or Photosynth username in the 'Author' or 'Photographer' field of their photos before putting them in Photosynth. If you do this, you will be able to clearly see whose photos are whose once all the photos are in one synth.
DeviceDevDan (Over 1 year ago)
Ah, thank you very much! I've already geotagged mine using the on-site linker since unfortunately my camera doesn't do it automatically.
michaeldenis (Over 1 year ago)
Good question, DeviceDevDan.

And Nathanael?   Good info!  The flickr nabbing into Bing Maps will be an interesting step.   Anything to get this bird off the ground, I say.

I agree with you about 'ownership' of synth file and photographs for copyright purposes, and how that has the potential to become a problem down the line.  Perhaps the integration could be an option (default to yes) that could be held off by the particularly careful, like the unlisted synth option.  Good thoughts about contacting other people for their photos!
ron1337 (Over 1 year ago)
This is a great idea to get up and running.
I just searched for a volcano crater synth, and found 4 separate ones, all of them of different views.  These really should be combined into on synth automatically, especially if they are geotagged.
xjsn (Over 1 year ago)
Is there any update on updating existing Synth? For example, I took more pictures at the same location and like to update more to enrich the experience. How can I do it? 

As the workaround, shall I upload the new one and drop the old one?

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, xjsn, 

Yes, the best thing for you to do is to create a new synth which contains the photos from the old synth plus the new ones that you wish to add. 

Whether or not you delete the original smaller synth is your decision.