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HolyGirl (Over 1 year ago)
Will someone please tell me how to delete a picture from photosynth?  Thank you
Nathanael.Lawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, HolyGirl, 

You can't delete individual images from Photosynth, but if you'd like to delete an entire panorama or album (or synth as we call them) then all that you need to do is sign into the site (as you did to post this message) so that you see the list of your synths.

From there, clicking in the upper right corner of any 'synth card' (you'll see the mouse cursor change when you hover over the right spot) will trigger a warning that you are about to delete the synth permanently. Normally this spot has a little 'x' button so that you know where to click, but it was accidentally made invisible in a site update a few weeks back and hasn't been restored yet. The button is still there; it's just invisible for a little while longer.

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