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Andre_Asbjornsen (Over 1 year ago)
I will get access to a big library of pictures. They are taken over a period of 50 years. Most of these are taken indoors in the same house and organized after which room they are from. Do you think it is possible to feed Photosynth  all the pictures from one room and get a useful result?

Pictures are digitized black&white pictures mostly. Some color photos from the last 25 years. Maybe a few digital photos. Over the years many things in the rooms may have changed, paint/wallpaper, different light conditions, empty room/big crazy party, furniture moved around etc.. A few things are constant - like room shape, positions of windows, doors, columns/beams.

Any ideas, recommendations etc... are welcome. Also suggestions if you know other services that are better at visualizing change over time.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Well, I'll work backwards. Unfortunately I don't know of anything that's better at what you're asking for.

Photosynth's image matching and mapping in 3D is completely dependant on texture, not on the shape of a room. (It doesn't find out what shape things are until after it has compared all the photos.) What this means for you is that when wallpaper changes or furniture is rearranged, those photos, even though they're all in the same room, probably won't be able to find each other in Photosynth. 

Sorry to be discouraging there. I have a very similar project. One good thing, though, is that the room being full (big crazy party) or empty shouldn't affect the matching as long as something in the room stays the same for Photosynth to latch onto. If you have the original photos to scan and the window frames or some other part of the walls have some texture that stays the same over time, I would make high resolution scans of those details and hope that those synth.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
If those high quality scans of parts of your existing photos like structural details/markers like doors or window frames (say, if they have a recognizable wood grain that can be linked) match from when the room was decorated differently, then those could act as the hinges that hold all the groups of photos from different eras together.
K (Over 1 year ago)
Nathanael's right, it's a stretch to think that you'll get a good synth with ALL of the images but it's very likely that SOME of the images will connect.  How many depends on a lot of variables but why not give it a shot?

Even if you only have a few relatively small "clumps" you can use the new highlights feature to guide viewers to the most interesting photos.  Some will get nice 3D transitions, others will just fade.  I'm doing this more lately when telling a story is more important than the 3D reconstruction.
sirpatrick (Over 1 year ago)

it would be really cool if there was a time slider of sorts.  I realize this would really increase the data points stored per synth, but maybe in the future. Maybe I will post in other section too