Topic: number of photos in a synth

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deanmacgregor (Over 1 year ago)
Ok, so you can do more than 300 photos in a synth....mine has like 400 and many does it actually let you have?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
The only real limits are that the synther is a 32-bit app, so the maximum amount of RAM that it is capable of using when constructing a synth is 4GB.

In more concrete terms, this simply ties to how many keypoints | image features correspond to each other in a synth that the synther has to hold in memory during scene reconstruction.

For a few discussions that dig into this in more detail, please see:

Note that the recommended limit of 300 photos is in place for a few reasons. Here's a video where some of the Photosynth team talks about it:
ryanfav (Over 1 year ago)
most i have ever done was 2460 on a 64bit machine with 8GB of ram, and the thing mis mapped anyway (just unloaded every 4th video frame of me walking around a building) they where 1920x1080 frames, at a later date i may well see if a updated version can handle it, but i doubt it