Topic: Where is the Slideshow button in my panoramas?

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aridolan (Over 1 year ago)
Looking at ICE panoramas created by others I always see a Slideshow (Play/Pause) button, which is lacking in panoramas created by me. What am I doing wrong?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hmmm. Curious.

Might it require a panorama which forms a full circle? Can you find any panoramas which have a Play|Pause button that aren't full circles?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Actually, jafa's 'Remarkable' pano that's currently featured is only about 180 degrees, rather than 360, but it also has highlights added.

I see that every pano of yours where you have added highlights have a Play button.

I'm still not certain about what gives you a Play button if you haven't added highlights, but I'm guessing that the viewer wants some distance to pan across if it doesn't have any highlights to tour.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)

Incidentally, do you use a tripod when shooting your panos?
aridolan (Over 1 year ago)
Yes, you solved my problem. Adding highlights is needed for the slideshow button to be displayed. Actually, adding highlights is the way to program an automatic animation of the panorama, which is a great feature. 

Regarding you question, no, I did not use a tripod in any of these panos, all the pictures were taken hand held. I realize that a leveled tripod is essential for creating acceptable panos, but this is not always possible. I am searching for a good subject matter that will allow using a tripod (no landscapes for me).
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Just as evidence that it is possible to get the Play button without highlights (although it's nowhere near as interesting without them), I provide my first successful stitch with ICE from a few days ago for your scrutiny.

I'd shot many more rings looking up and down but ICE wasn't succeeding with them, so I simplified the problem to a single ring of photos to try and get it working. With subsequent tries I was able to integrate more of my input photos, but it actually resulted in more stitching artifacts than this first 'success'.

Looks like I have plenty to learn yet about shooting panos.
Jonathan (Over 1 year ago)
As you've figured out, we don't offer the slideshow button when the field of view for the pano is small. Just panning back and forth on something with limited coverage isn't that interesting. 

If you have more than 4 highlights, we'll cycle through those for the slideshow.
aridolan (Over 1 year ago)
This settles the issue, but just to have a complete info on the subject, what is the minimum pano angle that ensures a play button even when no highlights are added?
TonyErnst (Over 1 year ago)
Hey everyone, there are 2 separate thresholds for enabling the slideshow functionality in panoramas.  Only one needs to be met.  The first, and the one you have the most control over, is number of highlights.  You'll need at least 4 before we show the play button.  In our internal tests we found that just bouncing back and forth between 2-3 highlights was pretty boring.  The other circumstance where we enable highlights is if if the field of view is > 180.  In this case the slide show pans back and forth across the pano, reversing direction if it hits an edge, or continuing in a circle if it's a 360.  The highlight slideshow will always trump the simple pan version.  

I hope this clears things up for you
aridolan (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks, this summarizes all we need to know about the play button.
theMink (Over 1 year ago) is my working comments about the decor please! - probs the slideshow only picks up one highlight (the  framed kaftans) and none of the other 5... and it dives at about 45 deg for some reason, any advice please?
thanks for pointer to this area.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Mike (theMink), sorry to not see your question here!

For anyone else reading, Mike and I followed up on highlights for synths (rather than panos) here: