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lashanker (Over 1 year ago)
I've uploaded a panorama from Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It's showing both Sacre Couer on the left side and The Eiffel Tower on the right side, which means it's a quite wide view. Still, the "Alignment" under Location does not seem to show the correct angle of view. Am I not able to controll this myself by aligning it with known landmarks? It's just set to one angle, and i can't change it...
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, lashanker,

I assume that you are referring to this panorama of yours, titled 'Paris':

What software did you use to upload it?
Since it seems to have been uploaded flat, I'm guessing that you used the Photoshop to panorama publishing plugin. ( )

Perhaps there's a different projection type that you could select so that it is uploaded as a wrap-around panorama and not flat?

With a normal wrap-around panorama like your 'Trondheim' pano... 
( )
... all that would be required is to use the ring to adjust the angle that the current selection on the panorama (below the map) is pointing and click and drag the selection on the pano below the map to test whether the alignment is correct.
lashanker (Over 1 year ago)
I used Photoshop to create the panorama, but I used Microsoft ICE to upload it here. I can't find any other way to upload panoramas on this site, except dowloading that software.

It's an HDR, so using Photoshop was the easiest way to stitch them together.

I tried the plugin you mentioned, and I had to set the projection and angle of view myself, it turned out alright.

I still cannot align the photo correctly with known landmarks in "location" when editing though. Any tips on how to get that to work?
I remember doing so with my other panorama "Trondheim".
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
This would probably be a better question for Matt Uyttendaele from the ICE team. ( )

You can reach him on: 
The ICE Forums:
lashanker (Over 1 year ago)
Oh, good. But I'm talking about when editing the location and alignment here in photosynth. When I am aligning the photo, the angle of view is set by the EXIF in the panorama, but i want to point the picture in the correct direction. I did so with my previous photo, but I can't seem to find out how I did it now. The only thing i kan do is move the sphere around on the map and point the picture in roughly the correct direction. How can I fine-tune the direction of my photo.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
I guess I'm not sure what you're expecting to see.

With a panorama, about the best you can do is to put the pushpin where the camera's lens was on the map, then use the alignment tool to rotate the circle containing the frustum which represents a camera's normal field of view to look outward in the appropriate direction.

As I mentioned above, you can drag the selection on the little thumbnail of your pano below the map when editing alignment to look left and right to make sure that it seems like the objects selected in the pano are being pointed toward on the map.

I'm sorry if I'm not making this very clear in text. 

I'm taking someone to the airport in a little while, but I'll think about trying to make a little screencast about aligning a synth and a pano this weekend as I've been meaning to do some basic tutorials for for years now + never gotten around to it.

You can reach Photosynth's team here:
lashanker (Over 1 year ago)
Ok, but those thumbnails of the pano are so tiny, that I can't really single out any landmarks to align with.

I remember being able to align my first panorama much better then I can now.
The lines leading out from the circle to the thumbnail were extended further out. That way, I could align the left side and the right side of the panorama to the equivalent points/landmarks/topography etc. on the map. Now I'm just able to align the pano in the approximate direction it was taken...

It's not a huge problem for me however. I just wondered if there was a button I had missed while I was editing.