Topic: ☀ An independent photogrammetry forum

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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Greetings, friends!

Ólafur Haraldsson recently launched a forum ( ) dedicated to all things related to photogrammetry (including Photosynth) and considering the great discussions that have happened here and the experience that all of us have gotten from shooting synths, I thought that I'd extend an invitation to anyone who missed the original invite over on the comments of Henri Astre's blog. 

The forum is brand new, so there's not tons of content yet, but it should be an excellent place to keep up with news about Photosynth and their competitors as well as a good source of help on how to use any photogrammetry tools.

Ólafur is wide open to suggestions, so if you'd like to see something about the new forum changed, by all means, swing by the suggestions section and ask him! 

I look forward to many good conversations with you all, both here and over there. ツ