Topic: 3d Photosynth

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chessking (Over 1 year ago)
When i upload my photos i cannot get a 3d picture image

can anybody help

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
I'd try to help you by looking at what you've uploaded and seeing whether I could give you some pointers, but it looks like you already deleted your account. 

This discussion was only begun six hours ago at the time of this reply, so it's a little early to be giving up just yet. Let the rest of us know if you're still interested.

A quick beginner's tip that I'll give you is to choose what you want to see in 3D (a small subject for your first few tries), and take a circle of photos around that thing. If you are shooting multiple objects, just be sure to use the camera to show the computer how to get from one object to the next.

Here's a simple example for you. I saw a memorial down by the Oregon capitol building and simply circled the flagpole and each of the pedestals. It was as simple as that. Use the [P] key to look at the point cloud model and the [T] key to look at it from the top.