Topic: Umm. Photosynth and WP7 coming?

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Firekraker (Over 1 year ago)
Now that oh so sweet Mangoes are being consumed. Is there any update on when WP7 will receive this app.? I mean, IOS has it and is just confusing to why it wasnt ready to go when Mango came out. I've seen posts on the net over this confusion.

Are you guys even close?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Firekraker, I share your disappointment that the Windows Phone version of Photosynth's mobile pano app wasn't ready for the launch of Windows Phone 7.5. 

Although no one on the Photosynth team has directly answered the question of what day the Windows Phone version of the app will release, the original release trailer for the mobile app specifically said "Coming next for Windows Phone" ( ) and here on the forums on a topic where people were begging for an Android version, Tony Ernst (from the Photosynth team) stated 4 months ago: 

"Hey everyone, just wanted to give you all a heads up.  We're hard at work on an update to the iPhone App, a WP7 version is next.  We can see the value of an Android version, but our team is only large enough to work on one platform at a time.  

Tony". (Source: )
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
The most recent confirmation from Microsoft that I can think of is Photosynth architect Blaise Agüera y Arcas' recent talk at PICNIC Festival 2011, recorded on 2011 September 16. At about 03:54 Blaise begins talking about the mobile panorama app for iPhone and says, "...that's forthcoming for the Windows Phone as well.".

Blaise also recently talked at the AtlanTech Dinner in Paris on 2011 October 06 and video of his talk should be uploaded to this page ( ), although I do not know how much longer we'll have to wait. 

He is also scheduled to speak at the GeoLoco conference in San Francisco ( ) on 2011 November 03, according to his weblog ( ).

Those are the most up to date clues I can give you. 
The most active discussion on this topic here on the forums is here:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
One other earlier confirmation that I came across again today was from David Gedye (I believe) in a comment on the weblog entry that announced the iPhone app: 

"... to everyone who is asking about the availability of the app on other platforms: The answer is that Windows Phone 7 is definitely next (we couldn't do it any earlier due to the unavailability of the correct APIs on the platform -- yes, even to us!). We would love to release an Android version too, because we want to be wherever the smartphone users are, but commitment to an Android release will need to wait until we've got our WP7 one done."

For mentions of Windows Phone and Photosynth on Twitter, follow my list of tweets here: