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maltejhmlch (Over 1 year ago)
Hello is there a way to "record" a move through a photosynth?
Final objective would be to render out a video,
be through screen capture or maybe even some native export feature...
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hello, maltejhmlch, 

There is no native export-to-video feature. Much of the joy of using Photosynth is the ability for the viewer to look at what they please in the order that they wish - in other words, the interactivity. Recording a video of a photosynth or a panorama removes this interactive nature, so I am not clear why this is a desirable feature.

If you wish to record a video of a synth or a pano, though, there is certainly nothing to stop one from doing so. Here is a topic where I explain how to use Microsoft Expression Encoder to screen capture a tour of your synth or pano:

If you are a programmer or know anyone who can code in Javascript, there is an API to control the Photosynth viewer via JS.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
The closest thing to exporting the raw photosynth data to view offline comes in open source exporters from the Photosynth community.

Most only export the point clouds from synths, however Henri Astre of the Visual Experiments blog also created a tool for downloading the original resolution images. He also wrote his own offline Photosynth viewer in Ogre3D. Find out more at

Other earlier notable exporters which Henri's toolkit builds on top of include: 

SynthExport by Christoph Hausner:

BrowsePhotosynth by Kean Walmsley:

As of yet, no one has modified Henri's PhotosynthTileDownloader to save the full resolution cube map for panoramas, though, so PhotosynthToolkit is really only useful for photosynths at this point.
ccmaryland (Over 1 year ago)
easy way (worked using Iphone)
1) send link to your phone to view the photosynth
2) when you open on your phone it will forward to another link and it will open as a video.
3) copy link from phone and email to yourself
4) after opening new link on your computer the video will show up.
5) right mouse click and click save video.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, CCMaryland,

The above discussion referred to original photosynths on the original website where no video preview was available.

For new synths on the new site (currently still in Technical Preview) you can just paste the following text onto the end of a new synth's URL and it will give you the low resolution video preview meant for devices which don't have WebGL (3D graphics for web browsers) support.


In other words...
This: becomes

Then you can right click on the video and save it.
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