Topic: I often feel disoriented in a synth.

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JoeSmith1837 (Over 1 year ago)
I I discovered synths in the last few months an am fascinated and awed.  However I keep noticing a certain un-compfortable feeling while view synths.. Its disorientation, almost vertigo. It is  simply the sudden seemingly un-predictable jumps in the user view point that happens as I move through the scene.  The view persepctive oftent snaps to a new camera viewpoint.  I find myself quickly tiring of viewing a synth.  Sometimes I think the tool is in a no-man's land somewhere between an art form and a trully useful 3D virtual reality generator.  

Am I using the viewer incorrectly? Is this a limitation of the technology? Is there a way to move around the synth and have the viewer warp the nearest image to the perspective of where I moved to instead of jumping my viewpoint?  Is this a common theme? Are there thoughts of addressig this?  Yes, the quality of making the synth reduces this alot, but the jumps seem built in to the current viewing technology.
Jonathan (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for the comment. I don't think you're on your own. We've been working at this for a few years now and are still trying to figure out the best means of navigation (especially in the poorer synths). You are correct in that we jump from camera position to camera position when you change photos - you could say this is a limitation we have (a photo is only zoomable when the viewer is at the center of the camera position), but we use the movement to convey the information of where you are in the space (or where the photographer was). We have plenty of ideas on making the navigation more predictable (and smoothing out the camera moves), we just need to find the dev cycles.
JoeSmith1837 (Over 1 year ago)
Great, Thanks for the reply...  I think this is amazing stuff and hope it can really take off.  I would have been suprised, or concened, if you were not thinking about this.
K (Over 1 year ago)
Joe one feature that we think helps a lot with navigation is the highlights.  If synth authors take the time to choose a few interesting photos then Photosynth will fly you there through your photos which should be pretty easy to follow.  Then if you explore and get frustrated you can just jump to the next highlight.  I try to add highlights to all my synths now and I highly recommend that everyone at least tries it.

Thanks again for the feedback.  We're a very small team but we'll solve these problems eventually.