Topic: Distorsion correction

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Oktokopterboy (Over 1 year ago)
Hi everybody,
I wonder if there is a possibility to improve the pictures of me ,which have distorsion, for example with the camera parameters (Focal length c, pricipal point (xp, yp), radial distorsion (k1, k2, k3), decentering distorsion (p1, p2)I have gained ouf of a camera calibration (for example with Autralis or iWitness). Or does anybody know a programm where I can use this camera parameters to recalculate my pictures, before I upload them to photosynth.
I wonder if it possible with corrected pictures to have less noise in the pointclouds. If anybody has knows something about this, I would be pleased to get some information.
Kind regards, Christoph
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Christoph,

To my knowledge, Photosynth already attempts to read your photos' metadata to determine radial distortion and compensate for it (you can actually watch the virtual camera's lens parameters change their view of the point cloud when switching between photos shot with different zooms in the Photosynth viewer), but I asked Kathleen Tuite from PhotoCity what she would use and she recommended ImageMagick run with -distort ( )

If other people have other programs which perform radial undistortion, I'm interested to hear about it. Please chime in.
WanderingArtist (Over 1 year ago)
I'll be trying the ImageMagick solve because we need the undistorted images for real-time projections while modeling.
WanderingArtist (Over 1 year ago)
ImageMagick is a bear of an API to roll out so I wrote an undistort image plugin for Maya. It's based on Astre's "Radial Undistort" program from his PMVS toolkit. The Maya API toolkit is easy to work with and will be rolled into our Photogrammetry toolkit.
Numonohi.Nation (Over 1 year ago)
Sounds good, WanderingArtist!

Just for others' knowledge, PMVS in Henri Astre's PhotosynthToolkit is actually a port of Yasutaka Furukawa's PMVS2. 

People can find Yasu's original Linux code here: or here: