Topic: why is it not working

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overthemoon1 (Over 1 year ago)
I have used 17 photo's in my synth, but the viewer is saying 0% synth!!! whats wrong
TUDOVERDE (Over 1 year ago)
over, try for at least 50% overlap between photos
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, OverTheMoon1,

Tudoverde's link got a little broken by the messageboard here. I'll try to put it here:
It's available in both PDF ( Guide v8.pdf )
and XPS ( Guide v8.xps ) formats.
In case the links break again, they're both available from this page: ( ).

As to your first attempts at synthing, they're not working like you had hoped because Photosynth is looking for crisp little details that stay still in the scenes between all the photos. In the first synth of yours that I see ( 'farm' ) you only provided 3 photos. Of those 3 only 2 were of the same thing and they didn't have enough in common for Photosynth to make the leap from one to the other. The third photo (the house) didn't share a single thing in common with the others.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Unfortunately the links to the Photography Guide did break again so just visit to pick up the guide as well as the video introduction.

Picking back up where I left off... Because the two shots of the harvester machines were so different (I'm not sure that I can even find the same trees in the background between the two), Photosynth couldn't link them and the shots just weren't close enough to the harvesters to pick up any clear details. Also, remember that I said Photosynth is looking for stationary things. In this case, only two shots of the harvesters in the field isn't enough for Photosynth to decide whether it's meant to be tracking the harvesters or the field. (I assume the harvesters were in motion with all the dust in the air.) Photosynth could probably link those photos if you had just taken more pictures between the two.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
As to your fireworks shots ( ), the fireworks are all different so there's not so much to match. The only real hope of getting fireworks shots to work is to have some details on the ground that remain the same through all the shots (like streetlights or house lights in the distance). Although your shots do have a few such lights in some of your shots they are, I am sad to say, a little too blurry for Photosynth to make a good strong match. Remember, it's looking for unique sharp little corners and texture in order to match the photos and figure out what angles the photos were taken at.

Here's an old fireworks synth of mine ( ). You can see that the photos that matched all matched on the lights from the pier. Remember that this does not get you 3D fireworks since they are all in motion. Only still things are rebuilt in 3D.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Please don't be put off by my criticism. I happen to know a little about what works and what doesn't and most of that comes from trying things out and experiencing lots of failure and, after a while, more success although I still have lots to learn from other people here. 

Two important things that I hope you take away from this are that:
1) A synth doesn't have to be even close to 100 photos to be a 'good' synth. More doesn't always mean better (although it's sometimes easier if you have the time and a powerful enough computer to match that many photos to each other) and 

2) Photosynth loves nice sharp texture. Try to avoid blurry or overexposed shots as much as possible. Really your daylight shots are all quite good in that respect. Your camera just misbehaved a little in the dark. (That house in your farm synth would be absolutely perfect for synthing - lots of texture. Just take photos all the way around it - or as much of the way around as trees will allow.)
overthemoon1 (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks to everyone for your help and ideas