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jimcseke (Over 1 year ago)
I have started this discussion to get away from some of the very confusing dialogue up to date.
My methods simply involve attaching bubble levels to your camera.
That is the method, no more, no less.
Total cost of materials is about $10.00

I hope that someone will actually attempt this, and provide input (negative or positive), along with synth(s) photographed with this method..

I  present the following questions, in regards to the official definition of the term "100% synthy":

-Does the official definition of the term “100% synthy  provide any certainty as to the quality of the final view (Photographic and /or Point Cloud)  ?

-Would you prefer that 100% (or any %)synthy was more than an indicator of how many images “made the cut”? 

-Are you willing to a least try what I have suggested?
jimcseke (Over 1 year ago)
If all we do is discuss  the pros and cons, then nothing is accomplished.
All  members are invited to participate.

Discussing this and any further is a waste of everyone’s time.

Hopefully some of  you will provide links to synths you have produced using this method.

From this point on I will remain completely silent on the topic.
GaryMortimer (Over 1 year ago)
Do you mean 100% of people can join in ;-) I'm sure your method works, I'm using an airborne platform so its tricky
jimcseke (Over 1 year ago)