Topic: hi freinds ! can i download my synth like swf ??

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CHESTAR (Over 1 year ago)
hi freinds ! can i download my synth like swf ?? i found that i can't play my own  synth without internet connection , like a virtual 3d visits or sommething like that ,? is there an application to do that ?? 

mostafa - Morocco
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Chestar, 

A synth is different from a flash object insofar as images in a synth are never downloaded except for the parts that you are currently looking at. A 'virtual 3D visit' is usually nothing more than a single panorama that the flash player knows how to bend properly to make like the camera is swinging through space as it turns. 

A synth, on the other hand, might be over 1000 photos, so downloading everything would take quite a long time and therefore the data is only streamed as needed. 

For details of how to collect your synth's files, see this old thread of mine on the old Photosynth forums:

There's also been some recent activity on another old thread that describes the basic method someone used to make their own offline Photosynth viewer:
CHESTAR (Over 1 year ago)
thankkkkkk u so much Sir Nathanael

i send for u my best wishes from morocoo !
cartman005 (Over 1 year ago)
Hello. Kind of along these same lines, lets say that I created a synth and now would like to get those photos that I uploaded back. Is there a way to download the full, high-quality versions of the images used in a synth? I have tried using Firebug in Firefox to access the images that are being loaded but all I can see are small 500x500 pixel copies. Has anyone ever tried this?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Cartman005, 

You would essentially just need to build a download tool that is capable of reading the XML index for each DZI in a given DZC, download the tiles for the largest layer, and composite them correctly, again, based on the DZI's XML file. For more information on the format please see this page and the pages it links to:

That said, Microsoft is encouraging professional artists and photographers to upload full quality versions of their images to Photosynth and right now because downloading the full quality image is so troublesome, these people who earn their living from their images are willing to share them with us. If DZI downloading tools become widespread, though, they'll go back to sharing only small versions of their best images which is sad, given that we now have Seadragon applications available to us to share as large an image as we posess.