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iwayneo (Over 1 year ago)

i'm creating a mobile app that has a normal web side to it as well. It's an ideal candidate for uploading pics through the mobile and viewing the synth stuff on the web side. To be able to do this I'd need an API that my apps can pass images to to be added to synths. Does such a thing exist? is it public or do i need a license?


Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, iwayneo,

I'm just a Photosynth user like yourself, but to the best of my knowledge there is no current public way in Photosynth to add photos to existing synths. Even future plans for joining synths together sound like the individual synths must be generated separately before being joined. 

There is, I suppose, some hope for this sort of service because, (1) even Photosynth team members asked for this sort of functionality at the beginning of Photosynth's initial launch and (2) Bing Maps (whose division Photosynth falls within) are now in the process of automatically synthing geotagged photos from flickr in a few select test cities onto Bing Maps panoramic street level imagery. Presumably, this will be extended to Photosynth imagery as well once they finally launch the final version of the feature.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
The closest thing that I am aware of to what you're asking for is the webservice that the official Photosynth client uses while uploading photosynths and panoramas:

To reiterate, there is, to my knowledge, no way to add photos to other people's synths yet, but this should prove useful to you in terms of building any app that cares about interacting with individual synths, etc.

The only other API that I know of is one to trigger navigation based events within the Silverlight Photosynth viewer through Javascript commands and can be found here:

As to a commercial license for Photosynth, see this page:

If you'd like to get some official answers to your questions that I've tried to answer, please get in touch with David Gedye.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
As an aside, there is one other show in town who is operating along the lines of what you're thinking, namely, PhotoCity, who already has an iPhone app (I'm not sure about Android, Windows Phone, etc.) to contribute photos to their service, but their number of locations isn't the biggest yet, as they are largely an experiment. If you're interested, though, find them at:

The only other big player that is showing results of big server-side synthing that I'm aware of is Google and they'll consume any geotagged photo on Flickr, Panoramio, or Picasa Web to try to synth into Street View, although that is a silent process as far as I know.