Topic: Facebook + Photosynth

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haddo (Over 1 year ago)
Can anyone advise on the extent to which it is possible to integrate Facebook and Photosynth together?

- Use the Facebook API to tag people in images within the Photosynth environment. 

- Programatically build Photosynths using tagged images from Facebook

Thank you!
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
haddo, I had hoped that someone on the Photosynth team would have replied to you. I don't know if you and they had a discussion via email or whether this was just never addressed.

My technical knowledge on the subject is extremely limited, but I do not believe that creating Photosynths from tagged images from Facebook is very likely in the near term, simply because there is not yet (to my knowledge) a way of specifying the location that a photo was taken at and certainly no way to search or access your (and your friends' as well as many strangers') photos of the same location which would normally be necessary to create a decent synth.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Regarding using the Facebook API to tag people in images in a synth, the Photosynth viewer's JavaScript API allows your application to pull out the camera coordinates at any point while viewing a synth, so saving these viewpoints in your app seems like it would be simple to tie a Facebook ID to so that when someone's name is highlighted below the Photosynth viewer, the viewer zooms to their face, provided that whoever tagged their face was zoomed in and had their face in the center of the viewer when they tagged them.

I am curious whether Facebook's API is capable of tagging the same person in multiple photos in a single synth.

It could also enable people to comment on individual photos in a synth and have those comments appear only when that photo was displayed. Alternately, you could display all the comments on a synth, but when a comment was highlighted, the viewer would move to what the person who commented was looking at when they made their comment.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
The trick would be to to draw a square on a particular portion of a photo to tag someone's face in a similar manner to how we can add highlights to our own synths in the Photosynth editor and pull out a thumbnail to display, perhaps in place of just a simple Facebook name link. I don't know how to accomplish that pulling of a thumbnail outside of the Photosynth viewer or even inside the Photosynth viewer, but if made possible, this would just be incredible.