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Topic: Photosynth in Education

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tuklotski (Over 1 year ago)
I just found this great Photosynth thing and I think this could be useful in Education. I am one of the IT in our school. I thought  of so much things that this could be useful. Let me know your comments and suggestions.

1. Virtual Campus Tour - for overseas applicants who would like to see the school premises and facilities.
2. 3D model for Learning - create a photosynth of a object for study that can be collaborated by students. This could be a learning material.
3. Tours and Trips  - our school usually have a focus week where students explore educational things in other countries. WIth a group of students, could contribute each of their photos to create a Photosynth that they could see and share with other. It can be to their friends, classmates or for those who would opt to visit the place.

I admin that I am a newbie here but the potential of this program/technology as I can see is huge. 

Do also have any idea on how Photosynth be useful in education?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Tuklotski, you'll probably enjoy a discussion that some of us were having here:
garretbaquet (Over 1 year ago)
Photosynths, more specifically panoramas, provide access to information in a non-linear fashion... theway we first explored the world. 

I always enjoy watching people explore their first panos... especially when they zoom in and the details keep resolving... something similar to childlike wonderment.

While shooting some footage for a recent project... Walking across a playground reminded me of the 'first day of school' anxiety.  I would have liked to have known where my classroom, etc was located.  Explore on my own terms.

Classrooms seem to have increasingly impressive technology and impressively stale content... 

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