Topic: Australia's The Block

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SoulSolutions (Over 1 year ago)
Just thought I share a link to good set of both panoramas and full house tour synths:
The panoramas were taking with a Gigapan pro, 450d with 50mm prime while the full tours were on a tripod, 550d with 17-40mm L, each 200 photos walking through every room in the house.

The show had a huge following in Australia, 4 couples renovated 4 units in 8 weeks, with a room per week, extra challenges etc. The units go up for auction next week and the winner in the couple that makes the most profit.

On the first open day 25,000 people turned up! Crazy! Microsoft Australia as sponsors put the synths on Windows7 tablets so the people in the massive queue could be entertained.

Love to know what you think of them, let me know if you have an questions.