Topic: First F1 World Race in Rome

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BirdEye (Over 1 year ago)
next year in rome(where i live )there will be the first F1 Race...there are a lot of very interesting new construction ...
id like to learn all the in and out of this magical system whyle shooting material for that time..and have a virtual race somehow..
am i dreaming or it might be possible with the help of some Guru?
MacGyverBE (Over 1 year ago)
I suggest you just go out and do a few trials to get a hang of the system.
But I'm pretty sure it's not going to be really hard since all the buildings will provide ample reference points for the system to align all the photos correctly.

As always the more photo's you take the better the result will be!
VsKbPhotos (Over 1 year ago)
Sorry but there will be no F1 race in Rome next year.