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Topic: Adding GPS co-ordinates

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OmniSynThesis (Over 1 year ago)
As most cameras are not yet equipped with a GPS sensor, you might want to add these GPS co-ordinates to photos yourself.

Live Photo Gallery can only do this by the search strings you feed it in the Geotag field. This way it can only be a general placement, never on the exact spot. It does not show on a map if the placement is close to where you were standing either. The result may be totally wrong, as I learned. For 'La Trinidad, Cuba' it shows 3 options. Worse, at one of them there is no such city, it points in the fields next to some other city.

Nathanael Lawrence suggested Microsoft Pro Photo Tools to me. I have tried it and I think it does a great job. But, do not use the 2D roadmap. Only the 3D Aerial is precise.

Let's contribute to an amazing public library! Good luck.
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