Topic: Photosynth on Windows Developer Preview

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avatarpr (Over 1 year ago)
Can I hope, that the version for IE10 and Windows DP will appear?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
What are you having problems running, avatarpr? 

The Silverlight Photosynth viewer should work the same in the Desktop version of IE 10 Platform Preview 3. 

The Photosynth app for Windows should operate exactly the same as well. 

If you are wanting to use the Direct3D viewer, all you need is to change the compatibility settings for your web browser before launching it to Windows 7 so that when the D3D viewer checks your version of Windows, it receives a report of 6.1 or before and executes correctly. So far I have been unable to change the compatibility settings for IE 10 Desktop, so I have resorted to using Firefox 3, which does allow being set to Windows 7 compatibility mode.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
If you are hoping for a Metro-style Photosynth app, then I sympathize, however it is not absolutely necessary... yet.

If you are hoping to view synths and panoramas (and hopefully spin movies soon ) in IE 10 Metro, you'll need to wait until the HTML5 Photosynth viewer is finished, since Metro IE doesn't allow plugins. ( ) 

In the announcement for Read/Write World earlier this year in April ( ), Photosynth's former architect, Blaise, announced that his team is working on creating a single viewer that opens photosynths, panoramas, spin movies, and many other image types, so work is underway, but it's difficult to say when we'll see this. 

So far, the only public sign of this work is the HTML5 panorama viewer for mobile Safari:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
If you're having a difficult time getting download links, here are direct links: 

Photosynth Windows app + Direct3D viewer: 

Firefox 3:
After installing, just right click on either Firefox's .exe file or any shortcut that points at it, right click, choose 'Properties', [Compatibility] tab, select Windows 7 or older, and apply.

Silverlight options (just choose one):
Silverlight 4 Stable:
Silverlight 5 Release Candidate:
avatarpr (Over 1 year ago)
Ready to make your own Photosynth? 
Before you start you’ll need the following. 

1.Photos. The best Photosynths are made from images shot specifically to reconstruct a 3D space or object.
2.A Windows computer. Creating Photosynths can only be done with Windows.
3.A fast internet connection. All synths are uploaded to the web. They're big, so you need to use a broadband Internet connection.
4.A Photosynth Account. Sign up here using Windows Live ID.

Oops. Photosynth doesn't work on your operating system yet.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
All I can tell you is that I'm running it. 

Use the three links in my last answer above if you want to as well. Run Firefox 3 in Windows 7 compatibility mode and you'll see the "...doesn't work on your operating system yet" warning disappear.