Topic: Failure to Publish (04/03/13)

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JPDuffy (Over 1 year ago)

I submitted a rather large synth and it has seem to have processed ok, but i'm stuck on the 'publishing' loading bar. Having read previous posts, I check the log and I have the familiar messages:

01:04:03 VtApp: Collection creation time: 853.2
01:04:03 VtApp: Uploading "synth.bin" file C:\TEMP\Photosynther\collection.synth.bin (9084900 bytes).
01:04:08 VtApp: Upload finished
01:04:08 VtApp: Uploading "dzc" file C:\TEMP\Photosynther\collection.dzcz (13487909 bytes).
01:04:12 VtApp: Upload finished
01:04:12 VtApp: Collection completed (96% synthy), but isn't avialable for viewing yet.
01:04:13 VtApp: SUCCESS

Will I have to resubmit my synth, or can the processed points be rescued from this. The publishing bar is stuck at about 80% full and nothing appears on my photosynth account online. Any help much appreciated.

Kind regards
PhotosynthTeam (Over 1 year ago)
Hi. You're on the hairy edge of what's possible processing a 1500 photo synth, but with a little manual intervention we were able to get it "unstuck". Nice pointcloud!
JPDuffy (Over 1 year ago)

Thanks very much for helping me out with this.

Kind regards
probowler300 (Over 1 year ago)
I can't upload any of my panos today and I gigwalk for a living need them to submit gigs. Costing me money.