Topic: Can't connect to windows live ID

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chouonrow (Over 1 year ago)
I cant log in into my windows live ID to Photosynth desktop.

100% the user and password I write is right. I use and it works, and all the rest of my windows live id services. but not photosynth.
FamZip (Over 1 year ago)
Meanwhile I changed my Windows Live ID password several times but I still can' log in with it in my Photosynth Windows Software. What am I doing wrong. I use as my Live Identification. Yesterday it did work but after shutting down my computer tonight he won't let me in again.
Best regards
Thomas Zipse
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, friends,

What is probably happening is that your Microsoft account/WLID has 2-factor authentication enabled on it. 

Older Microsoft login forms (like the one used in Photosynth's desktop application) don't know anything about 2-factor authentication and therefore cannot ask you for a code from your phone or email and therefore the server won't allow you to sign in.

There are two ways to solve this: 
Option 1) Create an 'app password' to use with Photosynth's desktop app at
(It will auto generate a difficult to remember random string of gibberish which is not too handy for logging in)

Option 2) Deactivate 2-factor authentication on your account at
(This isn't very secure nowadays, but at least you can successfully use your one password at all Microsoft logins without being harassed.)
LakesideGroup (Over 1 year ago)
Step 1 work flawlessly for me. Thanks