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allthefinestinwood (Over 1 year ago)
Photosynth did not create image in order I uploaded photos. Some from end are at the begining and does not start at first image. I set photos in correct order and is same order I snapped photos.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
All The Finest In Wood, Greetings!

First the solution, then the reason that Photosynth does what it does.

Solution: At any time that you are signed into your account here on the site: 
A) Open one of your synths and click "Edit Synth and Highlights". 
B) You should see two tabs at the top of the panel on the right of your synth: "Highlights" and "Settings"; choose "Settings". 
C) You will now see "Slideshow Order" and should set it to "By Filename". 
D) Last, navigate to the photo that should be the first to load and press the "Use Current Image" button.
E) Press the "Save" button.

That should give you exactly what you want. The reason that Photosynth does not do that by default is that many times people do not give Photosynth enough photos for it to tie them all together. Because of this, it bases the slideshow on the photos that actually stuck together, rather than what order they were taken in so that the tour can be as smooth as possible.

I hope that helps!
allthefinestinwood (Over 1 year ago)
In addition to the order of photos(the solution above worked well-thanks) I get an error hen viewing
The instruction at "0x37a418e" referenced memory at "0x03a9d910" The memory could not be read. Then after sending error report I have to click "OK" many times to terminate and exit.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
One problem down, one more to go, then. :)

Could you help me understand? Exactly when do you see this message: "The instruction at "0x37a418e" referenced memory at "0x03a9d910" The memory could not be read."?

Is it when you are making a new synth or viewing a synth that is already on the website? The reason that I ask is that it seems like you were able to edit the synth and able to view it before and after you edited, making it seem as though the viewer was working just fine.

Also, I searched the GetSatisfaction forum (which was used before we had one here at and the only other report of something that sounds like your new problem describes it happening while trying to make a new synth. This is also a little puzzling because you have successfully made two new synths yesterday and the day before.

Here's the link to the topic I found: (Use Windows Live ID to sign in)
allthefinestinwood (Over 1 year ago)
The error happens when I have been viewing a synth for a short period of time. So far when I have been viewing one I created, I have not viewed others. When I do get the error message to clear I return to the synth viewer and can view for a while again.
allthefinestinwood (Over 1 year ago)
I tried viewing other synths and the error happens. a different number but same type and it takes a while to get the message to terminate, whether I send error message or not. Could possibly be IE creating error?
douglas (Over 1 year ago)
Hi allthefinestinwood,
  I help develop the Photosynth viewer,  it would be really helpful to track this down if you could provide a little bit more information about your environment, namely:

- Operating System (XP,Vista, OS X etc)
- Browser (IE7/8, FF3 etc)
- The amount of memory the browser is using when you see the crash
- How long do you have to be viewing a synth for this to happen?
- Is there any specific action that you are doing which causes the crash to happen, or it appears to happen randomly?

allthefinestinwood (Over 1 year ago)
Hi,douglas. My operating system is Windows XP SP3, browser is IE8. As to the amount of memory being used I haven't taken note of that. So far it has happened within a minute and always in "view in 3D", not in the regular view. If I stay in the regular view I have not had the problem.