Topic: buggy spin synth

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andyc1202 (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, I have uploaded two sets of pics, both in excess of 50 pics for a spin synth.
Although everything in order, pics numbered, a complete circle , one synth only goes half way round, and funnily i started and ended at the front of the car so it is giving me the first pics and the last pics...

second one has gone awry completely despite all pics being in order, take a look

this also doesnt go all round....

have a look at original pic uploads to see what i mean, the whole set is there.

Some advice would be good, or if it is a bug please advise.


 andyc1202  (14 hours ago)  

when it gets stuck, it jumps back 19 pics then restarts. it has missed the whole end of one end of the table!!!!!!