Topic: Multi-Photographer Synths Show Inaccurate Photographer Credit on Photos

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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
This is an ancient bug (coming up on five years old) which I noticed in early days of Photosynth.

I didn't report it as it sometimes did not seem to occur every time, however after having it be an issue multiple times in the last several times, I finally posted it on Twitter:


Multi-Photographer synths are some of my favorites and it is very enjoyable for me to transition from one of my photos to a friend or family member's photo and have the photographer credit change appropriately.

Where the problem seems to occur is if you do not place all the photos into the synther in lexicographic order.

This can commonly occur: 
:: When source photos are in multiple folders with filenames:
a) which are identical to other folders' contents or 
b) which would interleave when placed together and sorted by filename.
:: When folders of photos are placed into the synther in non alphabetic order.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
(For last item I mean something like placing the images in the synther like so:
Folder 3
Folder 2
Folder 5
Folder 4
Folder 1)

Where it is that the Photosynth viewer is currently reading the author data from, I'm not sure, probably from an alphabetized list/index of the images in the synth's metadata but somehow when the image list gets alphabetized, the photographer names do not get sorted along with the image numbers.

The only place which I distinctly remember the photos' original metadata being stored (including the author/photographer) is in the 'thumb.jpg' which sits outside of the image pyramid for an image.

The author metadata in the thumb.jpg for each image remains correct, so clearly the viewer is not loading the thumb.jpg file for each photo viewed (as that would be bandwidth ineffective), else it would be correct.

In any case, I'd like to see this resolved.
I don't know the solution for all the existing synths, but their thumbs do contain correct data.