Topic: Can I share a photosynth between accounts?

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davidgerhardart (Over 1 year ago)
One of my photosynths was accepted into an international art exhibition, and will be displayed on an iPhone throughout Europe and Asia. Instead of having the exhibition staff login to my personal account, I want to create a separate account for the exhibition which would have my photosynth on it. Is there a way to share the photosynths between accounts?

I don't want to just share the jpeg, but the 3D interactive panorama. One thought was that I could login to the fresh account on my iPhone, upload the image to, then have the exhibition staff download Photosynth, and login with my new account. Would they be able to download the interactive  panorama onto their iPhone?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, David, 

If your panorama is here on then no one has to be logged in to view it. 

You appear to have kept your uploads 'Unlisted', so I can't give you an example link to one of your panoramas, but while you're signed into visit your profile page ( ) and then either right-click or long-tap the title of the panorama in question to copy the link to it.

You can try pasting that address in a new tab to make sure you copied the right address before sending it to anyone. It should be viewable on Windows, Windows Phone 8, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Here's an example panorama of mine:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
As for getting your panorama uploaded to a second account, though, no there is no sharing of content ownership between accounts. You would have to, as you said, log into the mobile app with the second Microsoft Account and re-upload it to the second account if that is what you are determined to do.