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Topic: Photosynth API & custom controls

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rickwilliams (Over 1 year ago)

I have created a synth with a transparent overlay:

I would like to control the interaction of the synth via Jasvascript because the transparent overlay blocks interaction.

The synth is added to an HTML <div> using the Javascript API:

function loadSynth(){
	viewer = new Microsoft.Photosynth.Viewer("photosynthDiv");
	//Populate the load parameters for the synth
	var loadParameters = new Microsoft.Photosynth.Viewer.LoadParameters("a91d062b-e2ec-456b-8b9e-7deea7005cb1",
	//Hook up to the load event of the viewer, this will allow us to set
	//the initial starting state of the viewer once it has loaded
	viewer.loadCollectionCompleted = viewerLoaded;

//Called when the viewer loads successful
rickwilliams (Over 1 year ago)
Brilliant forum - f**king limits your message to 1000 words!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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