Topic: Photosynth do not display on the

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sgalagan (Over 1 year ago)
I create my photosynth and added geotag (This is in the Donetsk, Ukraine).

But I cant find it on the

By the way, my other synth are there, but not this one

Can anybody help me?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
It showed up when I checked it, sgalagan.

How long after geotagging it did you check for it on Bing Maps? Sometimes it takes the map site an hour or two to pick up the geotag.
sgalagan (Over 1 year ago)
Unfortunately I did not see it. May be it is because localization :( I do not know.
I piblished it ont the 6th of May.

BTW, I can see on the bing map some of my other synths, but others do not.
TonyErnst (Over 1 year ago)
sgalagan - I just checked and all 6 of your synths and geotaged and appearing on Bing maps.  Please let me know if you still cant find them on bing maps.  

Tony Ernst - Photosynth Test Lead
sgalagan (Over 1 year ago)
Thank you for help!

Unfortunately I did not see 3 of 6 my Photosynth on the Bing map. 
I do not see LAST uploaded synth, since the 6th om May

Here there are

May be it is connected with Ukrainan localization of the Internet Explorer?
sgalagan (Over 1 year ago)
Thank you, I see all of my synth on the BingMap