Topic: can't stitch on ipod touch V4

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romain34 (Over 1 year ago)
Hello everyone, just a little french guy in trouble ^^

I have an apple ipod touch 4  with the latest official rom on it ( V6.1.3)

and i've installed photosynth today (V1.1.5)and.....i got a problem ....

I can't stitch one of my rush, not enough memory i think but i would like to 

know if i  can upload my rush on  this website to stitch it ?

even if nobody can help me thanks for reading me anyway .

ps: all my apologies for your eye... i don't want to be a grammar-#%!@ but it's made a long time i don't got to speak english ...
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Romain34,

There is not currently any option to save an unstitched panorama from the mobile app to your computer or the website and have it stitched there.

David Gedye from Photosynth has suggested that in the future they might allow you to take full resolution input photos in the app, upload them to, and have a full resolution panorama stitched for you online, however that option does not yet exist.

For now, the best that you can probably do is to completely power off your iPod, power it back on, then only launch Photosynth's mobile panorama app so that it has as much RAM as your iPod has to offer.