Topic: Internet Explorer on Windows Vista

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bigelarkin (Over 1 year ago)
I have downloaded the photosynth software onto my computer and i got one photosynth to my account but whenever I and i try and view it Internet Explorer  crashes I have IE 7 on Windows Vista Home Preium Home Edition, Do I need to upgrade IE to a different version?
Fred_Oxford (Over 1 year ago)
Welcome to the Vista -IE crash club....this has happened everyday since I bought my computer, and long before I discovered photosynth. Sadly MS has been in a famous denial mode...and blamed add-ins..the same add ins that worked perfectly on XP for the past how many years? Two days ago there was big update on Vista...and amazingly (and I am touching all the wood on my desk as I type this) there has not been a crash since then...
douglas (Over 1 year ago)
Hi bigelarkin,  I am using Vista + IE7 right and Photosynth is working for me.  Are there any more details about the crash?  Does Photosynth work in a different browser (if you have one installed), just wondering if it is IE specific or if something else happened during the install.
arnielarson (Over 1 year ago)
If  you are trying to view your synth with the ActiveX viewer, a graphics card issue can cause the browser to crash.  Have you tried viewing the synth with the Silverlight viewere?