Topic: Could we have an update on the app crash?

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bendy (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Guys

It's pretty obvious that there is bug with uploading from the IOS app.

There are loads of us wanting to use the app and further publicise your excellent and innovative product.

However we may start to loose faith and belief without an indication of how you are dealing with this issue.

Could you provide a clear update on what is occurring and any plans, time-scales to fix please.

You will keep the good will that way

Thanks and good luck

TonyErnst (Over 1 year ago)
Sorry for not updating the threads on this.  We have gotten the crash logs from apple and are classifying/investigating them.  In regards to the sign in crash bug it seems that there are a small percentage of users that hit one of a few different, but related, issues causing the crash. We're working on some fixes now and we'll be testing them soon.  I'll post back once we have a better idea for a release date, but it should be relatively soon.  

Keep the faith, we're working on it.
bendy (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Tony

Keeping the faith just really eager to you to its full potential

Great job BTW
Update: The bug involving crashing when attempting to sign in to certain LiveID accounts, or when beginning to upload to Photosynth/Bing Maps has been fixed, and will be part of our 1.1 release. Our current plans are to ship this in early-mid June, so please hold on a few more weeks.

Thanks, David and the Photosynth team.