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Antoine.v (Over 1 year ago)

In this synth, the points cloud recreating the environment is wrong: the original room where the photo were taken was rectangular, but the point cloud created, represent a odd room.

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TonyErnst (Over 1 year ago)
Antoine - what's happening here is that there are some weak connections in a couple different places in this synth that cause "ghost" point clouds.  If you goto point cloud only mode (press p a couple times) then use the straffe/pan controls to get to an overhead view ( ) you can see what Im talking about.  Notice in the middle there is a well defined rectangle.  But there are a few planes going off in strange directions to the right.  This usually means that the synther was able to join lots of images into a couple major sets, but was only able to approximate how these sets come together.
Antoine.v (Over 1 year ago)
hello another wrong point cloud:
What can i do to have a better representation?