Topic: Can't login with iPhone 4

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Ainanymous (Over 1 year ago)
1)  went to Apple app store, downloaded Photosynth, app opened fine and I took a panaramic.
2)  however, when I click the lower right corner to create an ID to login, screen never pushes to the next screen asking for my information
3)  nonplussed, I jumped onto my desktop, created my Windows ID, set a password, everything....jumped back to my iPhone, try to login, says wrong password
4)  maybe I forgot the password I just created so I change my password on my desktop, logout, log back in, everything fine, right?  ....wrong, still can't login on my iPhone.
5)  question, is iPhone 4 no longer supported by Photosynth?  phone is brand new, fresh out of the box, with the latest OS update installed.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
When you create your password on the desktop, you may not have noticed that it allows a maximum of 16 characters.

If you then enter more than 16 characters on any login form, then the password will not match. 

You can either set your password to something 16 characters or less or only enter the first 16 characters into the password field, since that will match what was entered on your Microsoft Account credentials.

I hope that solves your problem.
Your fellow panner and synther,