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Topic: Is there an issue with geotag?

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VsKbPhotos (Over 1 year ago)
The geotag is not showing after 3 days is there an issue?
VsKbPhotos (Over 1 year ago)
I have over a 100 geotags that yet to be posted ranging from a day old to 5 days old, what's the hold up?
RayRolfe (Over 1 year ago)
I just looked at Bing Maps and the nice silver light transition from birdseye to Synth is BROKEN. (?) It doesn't even show the synth anymore. It just glitches out and returns to an areal view without showing the synth.. What is up with that?

It still works fine and beautifully inside the photosynth edit interface, when editing "Alignment".

Why jo gotta break photosynth? developers, developers, developers, developers..
RayRolfe (Over 1 year ago)
Allright, "Dive In" is working again, but it still doesn't look very good at all and the button to bring you back out to the Bing Map, is without lable. It's just white, so as to be confusing and useless to general public browsing..

Ahh remember when photosynth first came out in 2008 and IT WAS PERFEcT!? It displayed in Direct 3d by default, and you could browse from synth to synth within 3 clicks. It was a luxury user experience for a few months. Damnit.
VsKbPhotos (Over 1 year ago)
3 months ago it took 5 days before a geotag showed up on Bing maps now it's taking 10 days and counting!
VsKbPhotos (Over 1 year ago)
Still waiting!
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