Topic: 'Experiencing a network error'

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kungphil (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, I am a first time Photosynth user and am having trouble uploading images.  I get the 'Experiencing a network error' fault.  I have uploaded log to  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Mayn thanks, Phil
mishaM (Over 1 year ago)
same here Iphone 4s
dibble108 (Over 1 year ago)
Some of my synths will upload, others won't. I am logged in to my Windows live account, and I've checked online on my computer to see if my windows live account is indeed functional... and, it is. So select one of the problematic synths, select 'Share', then select '', give the synth a name and a thumbnail, allow it to be public on and bing maps, and then click upload; the result is a message that says "Uploading to, view current downloads", but the message eventually goes away and I'm left with a synth that hasn't uploaded.  Again, this only happens with some synths and not others. Any help?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
@Dibble108, I see lots of mobile panoramas on your profile page here:

Do you usually try to upload over cell data or over WiFi and do you notice any difference in success rate between them?

As a side note, currently hosts two different photo formats: 
1) photosynths (synths for short) (many photos taken from different positions of a single subject or single space arranged in 3D space with accompanying 3D geometry under the photos)
2) panoramas (panos for short) (many photos taken from a single position looking outward in any direction and fused into a single image)

Although the link in the website's header (to take you to the tab on your profile page that displays your uploads) still says 'My Photosynths' (which comes from the days before panoramas were hosted here) panoramas are not synths.

Only if three or more panos were automatically spatially arranged together would it be a synth.
Moogie (Over 1 year ago)
Same problem here. I have two 360pic and both were taken with no 3G signal, it means they have no Geotag. Why can't I upload these pictures? Is there a possibility to export and try another method? These pictures were taken in Fernando de Noronha island and are amazing, 100%. Please help me.
Thanks a lot!
Moogie (Over 1 year ago)
I forgot to say, ONLY PICTURE TAKEN WITH NO 3G SIGNAL (OR GEOTAG) can´t be uploaded. There's a bug when I try to look for a place, same answer "no results founded". I believe the bug in around it. Please, let me know if you guys can fix this "add place" problem.