Topic: An interesting test of Synthiness..

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RogerGu (Over 1 year ago)

700 plus photos from inside and out of a home under construction. It is interesting to see where Photosynth could not quite place one of the rooms. Overall, it did an amazing job. The overhead view is nearly a drawing of the house plans.

I wonder if distinct objects help, like in this one, the toolbox on the floor of a room.

It would be interesting to have a feature where you placed markers photos to assist Photosynth, then take them out of the final synth.
TonyErnst (Over 1 year ago)
@RogerGu, the usual cause in cases like this where one part of the point cloud is skewed is that that there wasnt a strong transition from the rest of the house into this area, which led to a weak meshing of this part of the point cloud with the rest.  You could try taking a few more shots moving into/out of the room to fix this.  Adding an object wouldnt really help in this case, as the room itself is interally consistent, its just fused with the rest of the house incorrectly.