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Topic: Can't capture ... any new photosynth anymore

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kulkulkan (Over 1 year ago)
when I'm starting to take a new photosynth, all what's going on is the camera view goes completely black, a red dot in the middle and the information "Can't capture ... Aim at the last image you captured to continue (learn more...)" appears. It happens every time. It's NOT that I'm not able to "aim at the last image" - after I press to start the camera view goes black. I reinstalled the app, I reinstalled iOS 6 and now 7 and reinstalled Photosynth: the black camera view stays with the red dot when I'll start to take a new photosynth after I pressed the screen to start and hear the camera shot sound. The (red) dot doesn't changes it's color to yellow or possibly green. I changed all settings: nothing helped.
kulkulkan (Over 1 year ago)
I'm using an iPhone 5, but I also had this problem on my iPhone 4.
kulkulkan (Over 1 year ago)
This bug appeared after updating to iOS 6 for me.
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