Topic: Editing a synth

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MePhotosynth (Over 1 year ago)
Does anyone know how we can edit a synth. For example, there are some photos I no longer want in my synth and there are also some photos I want to add. Can I edit my current synth rather than uploading ALL photos and creating a new synth?
chrysler (Over 1 year ago)
MePhotosynth, when you're viewing one of your own photosynths, there is a button called "Edit this photosynth" which lets you change the title, description, highlights and other settings of your synth. However, it is currently not possible to add or remove photos from an existing synth. You have to create a new photosynth for this purpose, but photos which are already used by another synth from you are not uploaded again. So the synther only has to recompute all camera positions and upload newly added images.
SunnyLowe (Over 1 year ago)
We need a way to place photographs close to where they belong in synths, where the engine does not have enough information to place it correctly by itself. Is that available or possible?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Sunny Lowe, 

Are you asking in relation to photosynths or panoramas? I only ask because when I took a look at your profile, I mainly saw panoramas. 

Both ICE making a panorama or Photosynth (the original Windows application) making a photosynth are completely automatic. 

In ICE you can at least specify the camera motion, which can help straighten things out a little sometimes, but if the camera moved too much while shooting a panorama, then ICE won't be able to figure things out. 

If you use a different pano stitcher than ICE, then you can import the flat stitch from that into Photoshop and then upload the panorama to your Photosynth account with this plugin:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
If you really are asking about placing individual photos within a synth, then I completely agree that that would be useful and many others have asked for the same thing ever since Photosynth launched almost 4 years ago now. 

The Photosynth team seems to think that not enough people would use a feature to manually place photos within a synth (i.e. most people want automatic or nothing) in order for it to be a good use of their time. I strongly disagree, but that is beside the point. 

As far as where that leaves you, what I had to come to grips with was that Photosynth does work and I've seen others have great success so when I'm not having success my only real option is to figure out what I did wrong and shoot more photos to patch things together if possible. 

Naturally, sometimes you simply can't shoot more photos (venue no longer exists or has changed appearance too much to match your existing photos, etc.) which brings us right back to where we are.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Here's a few tips for synthing: 
Photosynth Video Crash Course: 
Photosynth Photography Guide:
Thoughts on synthing from the community: