Topic: Newest synther now purges previous logs when creating a new one

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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
I had wondered for some weeks now where I had misplaced some of my synths' log files. I periodically back them up because I tend to move my Temp folder around based on what devices I currently have plugged in. I had assumed that I had only lost a batch of logs but tonight upon starting up a new synth, while looking at my 'Photosynther' folder, I witnessed two existing logs vanish before my eyes when I started my new synth.

I saw some time ago that the newest synther now adds dates to the log files and I assumed that this was so that if several attempts were made at a synth which all used the same title, the logs would not overwrite each other.

After witnessing this new kink, though, of not only purging the 'images' folder from the previous synth, but all existing logs within the parent 'Photosynther' folder, I feel paranoid that I need to back up my log files after each and every synth.

Would someone please explain if this is intentional or log the bug if not?