Topic: Searching is vague

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Kyle_Barnard (Over 1 year ago)
I tried to find my photosynth using the search bar. I could not find it and eventually gave up. I used all of my keywords aswell. I then used google and typed in my name and the word photsynth. I found it immediately. Is there anyway the searching can be improved?
dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
Hello Kyle,

You can try putting your search phrases in quotes, ie "St Pauls Panorama" But yes, we have lots of room to improve the search on our site and are working on it.  Thanks. +D
Kyle_Barnard (Over 1 year ago)
microwar (Over 1 year ago)
I get the same result.
Put in all my keywords, and different ways of sorting, but cant find my synth anywere.
Only way is to search for my username.