Topic: "Dive in" on Bing Maps doesn't appear to account for the map being rotated to East, West, or South

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NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
When browsing Bing Maps, one of the great things is being able to view the Bird's Eye imagery from all four cardinal directions. 

When browsing Photosynths on Bing Maps, however, I have often turned my view to the East, West, or South imagery and when I click on a Photosynth marker|pin on the map and choose "Dive In", the resulting animation makes it clear that the Photosynth map app believes that my view is still looking North as it will often turn my current view of Bing Maps in the complete opposite direction before fading to the first photo in the synth.

I realise that the transitions between individual Bird's Eye shots in AJAX and Silverlight is more optical illusion than true 3D movement from one photo to the next, but given that you know exactly how Photosynth photos relate to the Bird's Eye View photos, I'm still hoping for the same seamless transitions between Photosynth photos and Bird's Eye as currently exists between Bird's Eye and Bird's Eye.
OmniSynThesis (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Nathan, your remark cought my eye. I had a look myself. If I understand you correctly, then you are talking about two different things. 1. The directional dive in mismatch after the bird's eye view has been rotated such that it is no longer orientated north. 2. Seamless transition from bird's eye view to photosynth. I guess that transitioning using individual photo match of the bird's eye view and photosynth is not that easy, because that match has to be made. Maybe it is easier to correct the dive in with the rotation offset of the bird's eye view. I feel the correct rotational dive in experience is more important than a smooth image transition from the bird's eye photo to photosynth.

The first I would call a bug, the second a request. Anyway, I support both.