Topic: Old links need to redirect to their modern replacements

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Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
This should be very simple to fix and I believe that it is fairly important that you do.

There are several pages on the site that have been deleted and their content moved to new pages on the site. In at least one case the previous content was split into two pages which makes the redirection a little more difficult - just in terms of choosing which of the two modern pages you'll end up pointing to.

Examples: - This domain is certainly still under Microsoft's control, but currently when anyone following links from any of the hundred or so older articles on the Photosynth CTP do not get redirected to the current Photosynth site. Even the Photo Tourism page links to this page that just returns a 'Page not found' type error. Rather than having all of these web pages be edited, you could bring in the readers of those articles directly to the modern Photosynth experience.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago) - I linked to this page many many times in both Photosynth forums. Currently, since the page has been deleted and its contents now exist partially in either or all that anyone who is following my link is greeted with when trying to access the 'How to Synth'  video or 'Photosynth Photography Guide' is a typical 'Resource not Found' falling leaves page. Whereas my previous links directly to the page where people could access these guidance materials used to put them face to face with help, anyone reading those topics today would only be met with an error page, which is the opposite of helpful. Since I cannot edit my forum posts to update them, it would be helpful if people who use a link to the howtosynth.aspx page were forwarded to the current help page. I am hoping that the video is prominent enough on the Create page that most people have seen it.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
This old BBC page about the synths that they collaborated on for the Photosynth CTP is another one that links to the page, but they also link to the individual collections which have, of course, all been taken down along with the rest of the old Live Labs site and Photosynth CTP.

I would love to see that story link to the current Photosynth site (again, this is fixable on Microsoft's end with a redirect, rather than getting the BBC to edit their story), but it also seems like you could redirect browsers trying to visit the individual collections to a modern version of that synth here on