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Topic: Minimum system requirements for PhotoSynth?

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EdLee (Over 1 year ago)
What are the minimum and recommended system requirements for PhotoSynth?

I cannot get it to run on this PC: Pentium 4, 2GHz, 512M RAM, XP Pro Version 2002 SP3, NDIVIA GeForce2 MX 400 (64M) -- when I try to view any synths in a browser: it crashes IE 7.0.5730.11, and it hangs Firefox

(It runs fine on a Core2 Duo, 3G RAM, 32-bit Vista.)

If it's crashing the browser then it's likely that your graphics driver is throwing an unhandled exception. Beyond seeing whether there is a more recent driver, I'm afraid I can't suggest any other ideas. You SHOULD be able to view synths with our Silverlight-based viewer on almost any machine . Try it at
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