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Topic: Stuck in a loop

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TargetDriver (Over 1 year ago)
Situation: I changed email accounts and updated Windows Live which then created <name> (which I rarely use). I went to upload a pano from the iPod (4 touch) and it asked for sign-in info. I presume that app updates wipe the sign-in data since I have uploaded before without signing in each time.

Problem: I logged in with the new email account. It wants me to "choose a name" I choose a name-->SafetyGuy-->not available "do you want to use SafetyGuy1? Sure, why not? Click Create-->"Failed to create user". Back to the "choose a name" box.

I have confirmed that the account that I want to log into is available under my <name> with my name as "TargetDriver". I'd really like to get out of the create-a-name loop and log in as TargetDriver. Any ideas short of a reinstall? I don't want to lose the panos that have not been uploaded. I have done a hard re-boot with no change. It loops the same from Share and Settings.
TargetDriver (Over 1 year ago)
Well, of course the account is available, I realize as I read over the post...I'm writing you from it. Just FYI, the  in the outlook email address is not "TargetDriver".
TargetDriver (Over 1 year ago)
That is to say, the name is not TargetDriver...It'd be nice to be able to edit a post so when you find out that enclosing a word in  causes it to disappear.
TargetDriver (Over 1 year ago)
This is my last attempt to address the editing issue in the main post...greater thans and less thans do odd things in this forum. The address is not but the Account name is TargetDriver.
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