Topic: uploading from WP8

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cezirkle (Over 1 year ago)
Hi..  got me a new Nokia 1020 and did a couple of Photosynth with that high res camera.  Would love to upload but that is not an option.  I can upload to everything but 

Live, Twitter, Wordpress, OneNote, Facebook, ATT Locker, MSN, Messaging and Bluetooth... oh and Tap+Send... SkyDrive does not show a share to Photosynth either, Facebook, etc. yes.

Suggestion, thank you...

cezirkle (Over 1 year ago)
Found it... have to open the individual image and then go to share... my bad, sorry for the interruption...
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Cezirkle,

Glad to hear you found the in-app uploading function.

When Photosynth's mobile app stitches a mobile panorama, it saves a cube map version for interactive viewing in the app and saves a flattened copy in your phone's camera roll for viewing, editing, and sharing like any other image.

Just be aware that the two copies are not the same thing.

Now that you've figured out how to upload your panos to the site, try to do so often as that is the only way to preserve the interactive version of your panos if you ever switch phones, uninstall the app, etc.