Topic: Never seems to finish

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ms_carousel (Over 1 year ago)
Not sure what's up with Photosynth but it never seems to be able to complete synths. I've been trying this off and on for several weeks with multiple synths and it always seems to almost finish but not quite. I've done some searches and this seems to be a very long running problem thread that just doesn't seem to ever get truely fixed. It's just odd, it gets all the way through all calculations and uploads everything then just hangs and never ever completes. Very, very frustrating. The latest one tonight I see is it stuck at: uploading file 38 of 38 (89% synthy), experiencing a n... -what that heck is that? Usually it says it's stuck while publishing.
TonyErnst (Over 1 year ago)
ms_carousel - Could you send me the log file from any of you stuck synths?  It may help us trouble shoot the problem.  The log file(s) can be found at %temp%\photosynther\.  Thanks, Tony
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)

That last message "Experiencing a network problem" should indicate a loss of internet connection, but if you're typing here on the forum from the same computer then the synther should have noticed and resumed.

As for the previous times when it stuck on uploading the last file or while 'publishing', definitely get your log files to Tony. (Trying to copy and paste them here on the forum will be hard because you can't really fit very much in each message.) You can find his email address by clicking his name.

Also, regarding the whole hanging on the 'Publishing' stage shouldn't be happening, but just FYI, sometimes those synths do get through after a time. I see two public synths on your profile here: